Karen Kargar
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Karen Kargar is from the East Coast of the U.S. but moved to Berlin long before it became the capital for creatives. She has been working non-stop in TV, PR, advertising and the digitalization of everything while developing a solid international portfolio and a global network of reliable partners. All this has given her a unique sense for empathizing with local cultures while staying focused on strategic realities.

Her first degree was a B.A. in the humanities, and in 2013 she received an Executive Master of Public Management from the Hertie School of Governance. She had returned to university with the goal of using her communications skills and contacts to make more waves in society – in Berlin and beyond. And it’s happening. A thesis on the benefits of welcoming the world to work in Berlin has now become a specialization in international mobility and integration.

But it goes without saying that Karen has had a lot of fun these past years while living in this continually evolving city – running an underground club with friends, managing a band, helping to produce films … among many other ventures.